Women, our passion, our work”
Miroglio Fashion is the Miroglio Group company which creates, produces and distributes 12 womenswear brands.



Miroglio Fashion means know-how based on a wealth of experience, bringing artisanal culture, attention to detail and the new world of 3D technology together with a great capacity to work on product and fit, through to industrialization and distribution across a vast network.


At the heart of Miroglio Fashion lie the 65 stylists, 42 pattern-makers and 11 seamstresses capable of creating ever more up-to-date and accessible collections.





The brand strategy envisages carefully focusing on the individual brands. This has led Miroglio Fashion to concentrate on working on their identities to achieve distinctive offerings and more customized styles.


The new brand identities are backed by the development of new store concepts, and the launching of major press, radio, web and poster communication campaigns.



The brands are distributed through several channels, including 1,100 branded sales outlets, providing more than 10 kilometres of shop window frontage. These are complemented by over 2,300 multi-brand stores and the e-commerce channel.


A major refurbishment plan dubbed “300 in 300” has involved the restyling of 300 sales outlets in 300 days throughout Italy and in Europe.



Major investment in technology and partnerships for Miroglio Retail 4.0: a series of innovative activities, from RFID tag-tracking technology and the “Smart Checkouts” project implemented with Oracle throughout the chain of stores, through to “Borsino” which combines artificial intelligence and staff expertise in the replenishment of the central warehouse and the exchanging of garments between stores.

Our Brands

elena mirò
fiorella rubino
per te by krizia
diana gallesi
luisa viola

Miroglio Fashion draws inspiration in its business from the ethical principles, behavioural integrity and compliance with the laws referred to in the Group Code of Conduct, formally adopted by the Company’s Board of Directors, in the knowledge that respecting fundamental values is an essential part of achieving business objectives.